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Summer 2017, Week 7

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Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
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What a fanan week Kochavim has had! From our fun Yom Geshem (rain day) plans, to hanging out after camp for the PJ Library Pool Party, to our trip on Thursday and yom meyuchad (special day) on Friday, this week has been filled with energy and excitement. Click here to read additional Kochavim highlights!


What a wonderful week we've had in Shorashim! Our days have been packed, with campers enjoying favorites such as drama and gymnastics. The chanichim are finishing up our summer projects in ceramics and omanut, and they can't wait for you to see their awesome creations! We loved having so many Shorashim campers stay late for the PJ Library pool party on Tuesday. We had a fanan time reading a story, singing songs, and swimming in the pool! We celebrated our bunk yoms on Wednesday, as all bunks came dressed and ready for the day in their specific themes. From Yom America to Yom Pajama, each bunk had such a fanan time enjoying the yom together. On Thursday, we had a fantastic trip day! We began the morning with swimming and tie-dyeing t-shirts as an edah. We continued our day at Billy Beez, where campers loved climbing, jumping, and sliding with all of their friends! We ended Thursday with dinner in camp and playground fun. We can't wait to see what next week brings. Shabbat Shalom!


Nitzanim had an incredible week filled with such exciting activities! We were thrilled to celebrate Yom Peleh (Yom Wonder), in which we discovered all of the wondrous things God created in the world and in ourselves. Campers were given a “bracha passport,” which allowed them to access different activities associated with beautiful natural wonders. Ask your child which wonders s/he “visited.” Campers created thunder-makers while learning the bracha to say over thunder, decorated Fruit Loop necklaces to create our own rainbows, smelled and identified different spices for the blessing over b’samim (spices), and so much more! Additionally, we created a large cutout in the shape of a person, on which campers wrote all of the fantastic things our bodies can do — with our mouths we can speak, eat, and sing; with our hands we can write, throw, and catch. Nitzanim truly agrees that our world is filled with wondrous creations! We concluded our yom by writing letters to children in Nyack Hospital. Throughout the week, campers participated in amazing camp activities such as making pickles in bishul and playing human pinball in the ulam. We had an amazing visit to the Maritime Aquarium on Thursday! Campers loved touching jellyfish and stingrays, watching sharks dive in the water, and viewing an IMAX movie about national parks. When we returned to camp, we got to see animals up close as Outragehisss Pets came with cool and exotic animals such as emus and wallabys! We can’t wait for another fanan few days of camp together! Shabbat Shalom!


We had a fanan week in Solelim! The rain didn’t stop our fun on Monday. We started our week having a great time competing in carnival games, playing board games, using our imagination to build massive creations at makers, and so much more! Of course, a highlight of our week was our trip to the Turtle Back Zoo! We loved journeying through the continental exhibits, watching animals such as Masai giraffes, giant tortoises, and Amur leopards frolic around. Our day with animals wasn’t over, as we came back to camp for a demonstration by Outragehisss Pets. We got up close and personal with emus, armadillos, and even more interesting and exotic animals! We ended our week with Yom Choose Your Own Adventure on Friday, which was tons of fun. We started the day with a tefillah based on the five books of the Torah, and each bunk created its own personal Torah. Throughout the day, our campers created a storybook by completing a Where’s Waldo scavenger hunt, a Tarzan obstacle course, and more! We also shared our own personal narratives with each other. Ask your child what s/he shared with the group. We are so excited for our final few days of camp next week! Shabbat Shalom!


What an exciting week for Tzeirim! We had an amazing Yom Geshem (rain day) on Monday, which consisted of a fabulous carnival full of games and competitions, activities such as makers that inspired us to think outside the box, and a game room where we played Jenga, Twister, and more! Campers have enjoyed popular activities such as etz (woodworking) and ma’ayan (beading) this week, as we’ve started to put the finishing touches on our summer projects. Tzeirim had a phenomenal trip and overnight this week! Rye Playland was tons of fun, as we explored every ride the park has to offer. After swimming and eating a delicious dinner, we were treated to a fabulous magic show and a medura (bonfire) before heading to sleep for the night. In the morning, we held tefillah on the migrash before being treated to a delicious breakfast of rocky teva toast (grilled toast with an egg in the middle)! During our Oneg Shabbat, we shared all we have discovered during tefillah bechirot (electives) this session. We acted out parsha plays, displayed art projects, taught each other new tefillah tunes, and spoke about our experiences with nature. Ask your child to share the tefillah bechira that s/he presented. It was a great way to round out our week, and we are looking forward to the final few days of camp! Shabbat Shalom!


Nevonim had such an amazing final full week of camp! Despite the rain we started off our week on a strong note, as we enjoyed spending time together at Makers, playing games in the beit am, and participating in a carnival! On Tuesday, we celebrated Yom Ta’aleh with a hike up Hook Mountain. We had an inspiring tefillah at the top of the mountain while taking in the beautiful scenery and we sang “Mah Rabu” to express how magnificent our surroundings truly are. Thank you to everyone who gave tzedakah for our hike — with your help, we raised over $1,000! When we returned to camp, we participated in an activity that demonstrated the scarcity of water. Each camper held a cup of water as counselors asked questions about their water consumption. For every affirmative answer, campers took a sip of water. Everyone finished their water before the program ended, demonstrating that we all need to be mindful of how much water we use. Ask your child to share ways your family can conserve water. To end Yom Ta’aleh, we created a plaque by writing our names on leaves, which will be shellacked and hung up on our deck! On Wednesday, we continued exploring the Amidah blessings, including “Shome’a Tefillah” (The Hearer of Prayer), as we discussed the importance of listening and validating each other. We had a blast on our trip to Rye Playland on Thursday! Campers loved the roller coasters, the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and so much more! We went for an evening swim upon returning to camp and, after dinner, we were treated to a magic show and a medura (bonfire) before heading to sleep for the night. During our Oneg Shabbat, we held Paper Plate Awards where we acknowledged each campers' growth and accomplishments. We can’t wait for a final few days of camp next week! Shabbat Shalom!

Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

What an amazing week we have had! We started our week with a yom meyuchad (special day), Yom Animal! Our campers had a fanan day dressed up as animals. They participated an activity about how guide dogs can communicate to their owners, made treats for animals in shelters, and read The Lorax and spoke about how we can help animals in their environment. Of course, much of this week was spent on our fantastic trip to Philadelphia! After exploring the National Museum of American Jewish History and the Eastern State Penitentiary on Tuesday, our Wednesday was filled with excitement as we spent the day at Hershey Park. Our chanichim loved the rides, thrills and, of course, Chocolate World! Back at the synagogue on Wednesday night, each bunk had a peulah (activity), and had the option to participate in Mishmar, where chanichim sang zemirot (festive songs) and discussed a Jewish story. On Thursday, we explored Cherry Crest Farm before returning to camp. We ended our week with a visit from Jewish Family and Children Services, with whom we created party boxes for children whose families cannot afford birthday parties. We are so excited for our final few days with our campers next week! Shabbat Shalom!