Edah News

Summer 2017, Week 6

Kochavim | Shorashim | Nitzanim | Solelim
Tzeirim | Nevonim |  Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

This summer, we're continuing to include conversation starters,
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What a fanan week we’ve had together! Our Kochavim chanichim can be seen running around camp with confidence and huge smiles across their faces. We’ve enjoyed incredible peulot, tzrif (bunk) bonding, and so much more. On Tisha B’Av, we spoke about what made the day different from other camp days. We focused on what it means to take care of others and be nice to different people. The campers took turns complimenting their bunkmates, and tossing a string back and forth with each compliment. At the end of the program, there was a giant web of string in front of us — it reminded us that we are all connected, and that each bunk is a community. We also explored the significance of Jerusalem and the Kotel, and made cards to put in our model of the Kotel. Click here for additional Kochavim highlights!


Shorashim had such an incredible week! We commemorated Tisha B’Av with our Shorashim chanichim hosting a mitzvah fair. Campers partook in multiple activities centered around doing good deeds for others. We made sandwiches and decorated brown bags for a food shelter, decorated cards for residents of the Esplanade, collected school supplies to donate to a local organization, and helped to clean up camp. We also made and delivered cards to maintenance staff, office staff, and other people who work at camp. We felt so good thanking and acknowledging all of the people who help make our summers at camp so great! Ask your child which part of the mitzvah fair s/he enjoyed the most! The rest of our week was packed with other activities: making nightlights in omanut (arts and crafts), baking and eating pita with chocolate spread in bishul bachutz (outdoor cooking), and practicing our Festivale dance. We can’t wait for next week, especially our trip to Billy Beez on Thursday! Shabbat Shalom!


What a wonderful week we’ve had in Nitzanim! From making chocolate pita in bishul bachutz (outside cooking) to conquering challenges in migdal, each day has been packed with excitement. Tisha B’Av on Tuesday was particularly meaningful, as we discussed what it means to be stronger when we’re united. Each bunk read a story about working as a team, and discussed times campers relied on each other for help. Then, each bunk colored in specific pieces of a mural and put their pieces together to create a beautiful illustration of the Jerusalem skyline. It’s amazing what Nitzanim can do when we all come together to achieve a common goal! This week we added Oseh Shalom to our siddurim. Before we sing Oseh Shalom in tefillot, we share things that we are excited about and thankful for in camp! Ask your child what s/he is excited or thankful for in camp! We can’t wait for next week, when we take our trip to the Maritime Aquarium, and, of course, for our yom Peleh HaOlam! Shabbat Shalom!


Solelim has had such a spectacular week! We commemorated Tisha B’Av on Tuesday, marking a very meaningful day in camp with powerful activities about relationship building. For one activity, campers made bracelets with beads that each represented different feelings, such as “kindness,” “anger,” and “confidence.” Campers chose beads based on which words most resonated with them. We then shared personal experiences based on the words our beads represented, demonstrating how these words have applied to our lives and fully understand the impact that words have. Ask your child what word s/he picked and why. We also watched a play about the power of words, which taught the importance of thinking before we speak. Afterwards, we wrote letters with uplifting and inspiring messages inside, which each person gave to a camper or staff member in the edah. During the rest of the week, chanichim engaged in a number of camp activities, including ma’ayan (beading), omanut (arts and crafts), makers, and sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey and softball. We have also been working hard on our Festivale dance, and we can’t wait to perform it in front of the entire camp! We can’t wait for next week, when we go on a trip to the Turtleback Zoo! Shabbat Shalom!


Tzeirim had a meaningful and exciting week! Tuesday was Tisha B’Av, and we spent the day exploring ways to promote positivity and kindness. Campers considered potential situations at camp and brainstormed solutions to create a positive outcome. We promoted bunk unity and self-confidence by writing kind letters to our bunkmates. We also showcased the importance of inner and outer beauty by designing mirrors, on the back of which campers wrote positive things about themselves. We ended the day with special bechirot (electives) about Tisha B’Av, ranging from drama and video to creative writing and dance. This week campers enjoyed their tefillah bechirot. Chanichim began to work on parsha plays, explore nature through tefillot, and create art projects relating to prayers. Ask your child which tefillah bechira s/he is in! We were so excited to celebrate Yom Toy Story on Friday! Just like the movie, the day was about friendship and teamwork. We showcased our teamwork with a fun game of “See, Run, Build”, and demonstrated the power of words by interviewing other campers and making friendship bracelets with kind words on them. We created a time capsule in which we put written cards with our favorite activities in camp, and bunk photos — we can’t wait to see the contents in five years! We are looking forward to next week, especially our trip to Rye Playland! Shabbat Shalom!


Nevonim has had such an inspiring week! It was very meaningful to commemorate Tisha B’Av as an edah. Our programming on Tuesday centered around demonstrating positive behaviors. In one activity, campers explored scenarios that affected their emotions: for positive emotions, they filled up their bucket with water; for negative feelings, they spilled out water. Campers were challenged to constantly fill up each other’s metaphorical buckets through being great friends and bunkmates. On Thursday, we celebrated Yom NEVflix! We beautified different locations throughout camp in “Extreme Home Makeover” and worked on a banner that will be hung in our gym. In our “Chopped” competition, groups showcased their creativity by developing an original recipe using a surprise ingredient. We showed off our physical prowess in our “American Ninja Warrior” activity, as we competed in various obstacle courses and physical challenges. Ask your child which Yom NEVflix activity was his/her favorite! We were kvelling when our campers read from the Torah in front of the edah on Thursday, as second session campers read for the first time! We can’t wait for Yom Ta’aleh and our trip to Rye Playland! Shabbat Shalom!

Chalutzim, Bogrim, Shoafim

We have had another exciting and jam packed week! On Tuesday, as part of our Tisha B’Av programming, campers had the opportunity to meet with director Amy Skopp Cooper about her most recent trip to Ukraine. Amy spoke to us about the Jewish camp she visited and different Jewish communities around the world. We busted out the sorting hat and our wands on Wednesday for Yom Harry Potter! We were sorted into houses and participated in the “Triwizard Tournament” through relays and competitions throughout the day. Campers loved “studying,” Harry Potter-style! We tried “divination” by looking at tea leaves in camp’s tower, “care of magical creatures” by acting out animals and having to figure out what to feed them, and “potions” by creating concoctions in mada (science). We had so much fun on Thursday during our ice skate-a-thon. Not only did we have a kef (fun) time, but we raised tzedakah in the process, which we are going to donate to Ramah Yachad, the sleepaway camp in Ukraine. Ask your child to tell you something about Ramah Yachad. We ended our week with a special tefillot on the shvil. We can’t wait to go to Philadelphia next week! Shabbat Shalom!